SPACEHOLD application

The terms of participation:

  1. The Project accepts coins for cold storage from those wishing to participate in the Promotion for a period of 3 calendar months from the date of confirmation of the application. Everyone who invests coins for cold storage can expect to receive an equivalent of 10 USD per coin after 3 months (within the limits of the Promotion).
  2. With a coin rate of less than 10.00 USD at the time of the end of the Promotion, the Project will add the required number of coins for each coin transferred to cold storage (within the limit of the Promo). The total limit for the number of coins that can be accepted for cold storage is 200,000 UCOM.
  3. The limit of covering each embedded coin is +5 coins for 1 included (in case of a drawdown of the price, will be added not more than 5 coins to the coin from the Fund in storage). At the time of coins inflow, based on the average closing rate on (00.00 GMT) for the previous 7 days, the required number of coins is reserved to cover the possible difference in rate. For example, on 15.05.2018 there were 100 UCOM inflow. The average closing rate for May 8-14 was $ 2.00. 400 coins from the Fund are reserved for the participant of the Promotion. If at the time of the end of the Promotion the price is below 10.00 USD, for example 5.00 USD, then the participant will receive only 200 coins (100 from storage + 100 from the fund), so the total payment at the exchange rate will be equivalent to the rate of 10.00 USD at the rate of 100 coins deposited.
  4. The Project collects a commission for the cold storage of coins. It is 10% of the number of coins transferred to cold storage for the whole period of the Promotion. The commission is calculated from the total number of coins to be paid (including coins covered from the Fund)
  5. In case of an EARLY withdrawal of coins from cold storage, the Participant of the Promotion does not receive coverage from the Fund. The number of coins in the Fund reserved for him is released and can be used for other participants. In case of early withdrawal of coins, the commission for storage will be 30% (instead of 10%). This condition is designed to prevent manipulation of the price of individual participants of the Promotion.
  6. All commissions for storage will be directed to INCREASE the Fund, it means that with its growth new participants will be able to join the Promo in the period of its operation.
  7. The number of coins and the market value of the Fund, the number of coins in cold storage and the percentage of coverage in storage will be published weekly on the Project website.
  8. Applications can be sent at any time. The minimum number of coins for participation in the Promotion is 100 coins. The maximum single quantity of coins for one application is 700 coins. The participant has the right to submit more than one application for the entire period, but not more than one application per day. Each subsequent is considered only after the processing of the previous one, the applications submitted in excess of the specified one-time limits will be rejected and the coins will be returned to the sender. Applications will be processed on weekdays, within 3 working days. Upon processing the participant of the Promotion will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
  9. The daily limit for taking coins for cold storage is 5000 UCOM.
  10. The issue of coins after the expiration period, specified in the Promotion (3 calendar months) will occur within 3 working days from the expiration of the storage period. The conversion rate for coverage from the Fund will be calculated as the average rate for the week, preceding the expiration date of the deposit period. The weekly average course will be published on the site on each date.
  11. Will be considered EXCLUSIVELY applications for coins, purchased on exchanges since the start of the Promotion. As confirmation, there must be screenshots of purchases on the exchange and txid of the output transactions.
  12. Identification of the participant will be carried out by the e-mail address and sending address. The return of coins is possible only at the same address from which the coins were received for cold storage.
  13. Project Management has the right to refuse in processing of the application for cold storage in case of detection of suspicious activity without explanation of the reasons.
  14. This Promotion is organized to implement paragraph 3 of the development plan, submitted by the Project Manager earlier. ранее:
  15. The address of coins storage of the coverage Fund of the SPACE HOLD Promotion: KYpweNBEsTQJWFmB7tusKwNdETT3Dhd6FX
  16. Storage address for coins of the participants: KeNYrgz6XZbJYeHqU8R1FRggqrCiGiTHXq

Promo is finished

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